The freeware Spectrum 128 emulator for the Acorn

Latest version: 0.15 (09 Apr 2000)

Click here to download

Click here to download a quick-fix Mode 27 version (not recommended unless you specifically require Mode 27 support)

Click here to download version 0.14

Click here to download version 0.13

I've had reports that some people cannot download using the links above. You should get a 'This file is hosted by Lycos' banner, with a link to the actual file. However, you may find that this link simply reloads the banner plage. If so, try hitting your browser's Refresh button when at the banner page. I've seen this problem when using the JANET Web cache.

Alternatively, if you still can't get it to work, Version 0.14 is at the WOS FTP site, here.

Spec128 is a ZX Spectrum 128 emulator for the Acorn. There's currently no shortage of 48k Spectrum emulators for the Arc, but there are only two other Spectrum 128 emulators, and both are commercial. Spec128, however, is freeware. I'm also planning to implement emulation of some Spectrum hardware that no other freeware Spectrum emulator, on the Arc or any other platform, will emulate, most notably the Plus D disc drive interface.

Version 0.15 now has AY sound added. Feedback has generally been positive, apart from complaints that some people couldn't download it. However, I'm still just as interested to hear suggestions and bug reports as I ever was. I especially want to know if it won't run on your system, or if it crashes intermittently. It should not crash. It does not crash on my machine. If it did, I wouldn't have released it. So if it crashes, tell me. Don't just delete it and hope that I'll fix it for the next version. Understand? :-)

Check the following Spec128 features against those of your favourite Speccy emulator:

The following have not been added yet, but should appear eventually:

Features listed here should move up to the 'already implemented' list in due course. For further information, check out the Spec128 info on the Acorn Emulation Page, or email me if you're interested in seeing development versions.

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